About Shewee

From Samantha Fountain (inventor of Shewee)

Sam_Fountain_Profile_wide_largeHi, I invented Shewee in 1999 whilst studying at university. I wanted to improve women’s toilets as my grandmother had always put the fear of them into me! The germs, doors that don’t lock and the lack of loo roll are the things I hate! So I worked on a better way for women. Looking at how men don’t need to touch any of the germs or sit on the seat and it’s always so much quicker for them to go for a wee I came up with Shewee!

The first ever Shewee was available in 2003. Since then Shewee Ltd has fully established its products in the outdoor market as it’s this market where my personal passions lie. As keen cyclist, competing skier and generally an outdoor girl growing up with my Dad and brother camping at weekends and trekking mountains in the summer, this is the market Shewee fell into with ease.

This was the first great achievement as this market is 70% male dominated it could have gone horribly wrong. But everyone loves the product(s) as it gives mixed groups of those enjoying their hobbies equality and makes for much easier and healthier days out! We find men shout about it as much as the women.

Shewee is now rapidly appealing to ‘everyday’ women who, like us, hate using public toilets and want something to make it easier and cleaner than trying to squat and hover over away from the germs.

Shewee is stocked in 90% of high street ‘Outdoor Stores’, along with a growing number of pharmacies in the UK and has distributors in over 15 countries worldwide. Shewee is also extensively used by both British and US Armed Forces personnel and available on NHS prescription ((PIP number 343-0394).

In 2013 we have introduced the 3rd rebranding of Shewee products. We are providing 3 different colours to appeal to a wider range of women;

I imagine the Shewee Pace (Nato Green) to be for the outdoor girl who just likes to get on with the guys on whatever adventure or challenge is set.

Shewee Power (Pink) is for the ladies who just love to shout about Shewee and are proud to be who they are and Shewee Pure (White) is for the more discreet lady who simply wants to stay clean and hydrated in her day to day life whether she’s driving for work or a shopping trip only offers dirty public toilets.

At Shewee head quarters we are also launching Peebol, which is arguably an even better design than Shewee! This portable toilet is for men, women and children and folds completely flat to fit in a pocket or purse. Everyone can go for a pee anytime and anywhere. Peebol will be available in the Outdoor Stores from summer 2013 and be followed by pharmacies and supermarkets shortly after.

Finally, in case you miss them, I have also designed a few other select products. All designs come from customer suggestions or requests. Our X-fronts are very comfortable underwear for women which are both sexy and stylish but have a discreet hole in the front X to slip a Shewee through (a bit like men’s Y-fronts) genius! Please do see our product pages for our full range of products and packs.

Women everywhere are discovering that the benefits of being able to urinate hygienically and discreetly without removing clothes is liberating.

Shewee – be who you are.