Want to know how to use Shewee?

So when can I use my Shewee?

Here are just some of the situations were Shewee is really useful. When you’re…

pregnant • stuck in traffic • camping • less mobile • climbing

Or  to avoid…

smelly toilets • squatting


Shewee Questions and Answers

Behind the scenes at Shewee HQ

We are confident that you’ll find it easy to Shewee, even liberating, but here are some instructions for you in case you aren’t sure….

  1. Undo trousers
  2. Push underwear to one side
  3. Place Shewee gently against the body with the outlet pipe directed away from you
  4. Aim urine to a suitable place – away from feet, into a toilet or a container
  5. When finished, pull Shewee forwards to wipe and catch any drips (liquid repellent surface ensures no drips)
  6. Place your reusable Shewee back into a bag or resealable container


Tip! Practice with Shewee in the shower to find the best position for you.

Shewee is washable by hand or machine and can withstand temperatures up to 120˚C

Urine is sterile on leaving the body.

We doubt you will need it, but for a more detailed tip….

Make sure the Shewee is held in the correct position by not pushing the Shewee tightly against the body. Hold the Shewee with almost 1mm between it and the labia majora, the ‘pointy end’ can then be firmly placed against your perineum, but a little gap at the front will ensure that your body does not ‘fill’ the Shewee – therefore allowing you to be able to see the urine going into the funnel and leaving more room for the urine to pass freely. The Shewee should be held outside the body at all times. If in doubt, hold your Shewee under a fully flowing tap and see that it will not ‘fill up’, ‘back up’ or ‘overflow’ when you have the angle correct.


How to use Peebol

  1. Unroll the pouch and pop open the top
  2. Hold the Peebol against your body
  3. Pee with confidence the liquid will start to transform into a spill-proof gel in just 60 seconds
  4. Seal the pouch either with the grip seal or the tape (or both!)
  5. Dispose of the Peebol in the next convenient bin


Tip for ladies! Use with or without  Shewee!


Is it Hygenic?

Yes, our products Shewee and Peebol are great to avoid contact with public toilet and so they keep you a healthy distance from the germs. Using a Shewee or Peebol you don’t need to touch anything that could have germs. Holding Shewee or Peebol you can urinate discreetly and easily. Shewee allows you to aim into a public toilet and a Peebol means you can use it in the privacy of a toilet cubicle (but away from the toilet) or even in a changing room or car.

After use, you can use Shewee or the top of Peebol to wipe any drips (until you’ve tried it you won’t believe this does leave you just as dry!). Give your Shewee a shake and it will be dry and clean. Seal your Peebol and all the urine will be tightly locked inside. You can then put both back into your handbag (until you find a bin for the Peebol) without fear of spillage. Of course, if you prefer to use a tissue to wipe yourself dry (we know, old habits are  hard to break), you can pop the tissue into the Peebol before you close it.

Remember that urine is sterile as it leave the body.


If you want to recycle your products you can. Simply empty the contents of your Peebol into the toilet, rinse and pop the packaging or your Shewee into your nearest recycling container.

Product Reviews and Testimonials


Mrs S.

Product: Shewee

“I wanted you to know that the Shewee I got today has totally saved my sanity. I had an operation on my groin area and the hospital were pushing for me to remain catheterised when I went home today (I’ve been in hospital for three weeks). The Shewee has meant that I can come home without the discomfort of a catheter with the confidence that my dressings will stay clean and dry. Please, please promote this product in hospital wards. I was in a private hospital and none of the nurses had heard of it. I only knew about the product from a vague Dragons Den memory. I am so grateful for it (and to be home to start the next phase of my recovery!)”


Mrs C. Seals

Product: Shewee

Thank you so much for making this product.  I’m in the US Navy, and have deployed three times to places where I wish I’d had the Shewee!  My husband and I also hike and backpack a lot, and I am so glad that I found your product.  It is a total game-changer.  I’d previously had a PStyle device (which the dog ate, unfortunately), but it didn’t work as well and required much more clothing removal than the Shewee.  The Shewee is so much easier to use!  I really love the extension tube and will, in all likelihood, be ordering a second one to keep with my hiking kit (so I can be prepared everywhere I go!) in the near future.  I’ll also leave you a review on Amazon, but I wanted to let you know first-hand what a superlative product you’re making!  Thanks again”

Tom M

Product: Wee Family Gift Pack

“Me and my daughter find it very hard to pee in public, with this we can find a hedge and just make it look like we are admiring the view. Thanks Shewee”


Product: Wee Family Gift Pack

“Me and my daughter find it very hard to pee in public, with this we can find a hedge and just make it look like we are admiring the view. Thanks Shewee”


More product reviews:

  • Hello Samantha and other people at the Shewee team, This is fabulous! Thanks! When I came across the SHEWEE (it was on a leaflet with various articles for the outdoors), I was ecstatic! Yes, I bought the real SHEWEE as it’s important to me that I support the creator of this wonderful concept! Thanks again! And best wishes, Florence
  • “Bought my daughter one yesterday and she just tried it out, first time a complete success – she’s only 8! No more trying to hold her up off the seat in portaloos when we go to events. We can’t thank you enough!!” Lesley Darling, July 2012
  • “Having experienced many a rogue toilet in my time and travels (one particular bus-stop facility in India comes to mind) I jumped at the chance to leave the balancing act of using dirty toilets behind and purchased my Shewee this year. Save for the awkward mo-ment when a Malawian customs official prodded its case suspiciously, I would not be without it when travelling or even at concerts. At a recent outdoor gig, when males had decided to comandeer the female portaloos, having my Shewee with me turned this potentially revolting situation into something quick, easy, and clean. Bravo, Shewee! Finally, finding a suitable toilet, or even going when you get there is no longer an issue, it’s just another part of the jour-ney – just as it is for my boyfriend (who incidently, is now totally jealous of the privacy of Sheweeinals!). Just wanted to express my delight with this product and congratulate the team on helping to make my travels (and many others’, no doubt) more comfortable!” Claire June 2012
  • “I just thought I’d send you an email to let you know how truly thankful I am that you came up with such an amazing product! I bought my first shewee 2 years ago and tested it out at Leeds festival. It was amazing! So much better than those disgusting portaloo seats! I’m now the proud owner of 3 Shewees and I recommend all my girlfriends to invest in one.” Vikki Grey May 2012
  •   “Whilst on a walking holiday in Scotland, in May, my husband saw an advert in a magazine for Shewee and I bought one as soon as I could. It was used immediately and I’ve never looked back. We travel a lot, by car, between the UK and Spain and my Sheewee has been indispensible; making the trip far more comfortable, es-pecially when stopping in some absolutely disgusting rest areas in France! I have since bought another 6 for friends and family and am spreading the word as much as possible. I just wish I had known about Sheewee sooner as it makes long car journeys so much better! Thank you for making my life so much easier :-)” Lynda Partridge, February 2012
  •   “What a brilliant idea – all girls should have one !!” Jackie Hodgson, January 2012
  •  “I am a police officer and I cannot explain how much my shewee has helped me at work!! We often get stranded and so it has been a god send!” Officer Murray-White, January 2012
  •   “The Shewee is quite brilliant, I actually peed standing next to my bezzie girlfriend having a pee! We laughed..and we bonded” EF 2011
  •  “I bought a Shewee last week and have used it on a car journey it was soo usefull I also bought one for my Daughter who is teaching in China! I will send it to her this week, I think she will appreciate it a lot as the loos there are sometimes not very nice!! Thanks for a great product!!” Susy 26/10/11
  •  “Whilst on a walking holiday in Scotland, in May, my husband saw an advert in a magazine for Shewee and I bought one as soon as I could. It was used immediately and I’ve never looked back. We travel a lot, by car, between the UK and Spain and my Sheewee has been indispensible; making the trip far more comfortable, especially when stopping in some abso-lutely disgusting rest areas in France! I have since bought another 6 for friends and family and am spreading the word as much as possible. I just wish I had known about Sheewee sooner as it makes long car journeys so much better! Thank you for making my life so much easier :-)” Lynda Partridge 25/10/11
  •  “I’m a festival goer, and my shewee has saved me from sitting on some pretty grim toilet seats :D” Mandy Winter 25/10/11
  •  “I have recently been introduced the shewee product as I am about to take a team of 20 supporters to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of the Air Ambulance and was advised by a friend that a Shewee was the most essential item for my kit bag! After the first try I was absolutely amazed and made sure every member of the team had one, and our training weekends since then have revolved around conversations about our faithful Shewee’s!” Kirsty July 2011
  • “I LOVE my Shewee. Bought the Nato green with Extreme box and extention. First attempt wasn’t so good and made a bit of a mess…but second attempt delivered the goods. Don’t give up if it seems difficult. After a few goes it’s EASY!!! Great little device means you don’t have to undress, use a dirty loo seat, crouch behind a bush etc etc…I bought this as I went to Glastonbury Festival and got cystitis as the loos were SO dirty….wish I’d had it then. I’m now 100% prepared for my next festival duty (I work in first aid) and will be able to relieve myself without fear of infection or germs. THANK YOU Shewee for a fantas-tic invension” Mary July 2011
  •  “I was sceptical that anything could really be this good, but Shewee has changed my life and it certainly changed my Glastonbury!  Not once during that rain-sodden weekend, did I have to sit on a stinky toilet seat, not once did I drop my trousers into a muddy pool of who-knows-what while trying to hover, wee and keep everything clean.  I can’t believe I travelled for all those years, went to all those festivals and didn’t know about Shewee.  It’s revolution-ary and every woman should have one!” Catherine June 2011
  •  “The girls we were with at Glastonbury were skeptical at first, but converted once they ac-tually tried it!” Paul Brock 30/8/2011
  •  “Genius and yet so simple!” GOGO2 29/8/2011
  •  “Thank you for the BEST thing in the world with the shewee.  I’ve been using one for 2 years now.  What can I say its saved me on numerous occasions.  Being a member of a 4×4 club we get to go into places that the nearest toilet is hours away and makes me laugh to see all these women baring their backsides while squattting, while i’m standing proud as punch peeing away without baring anything.” Avid Shewee user, Lou Bamforth. 30/8/2011
  •  “Shewee is the way forward!” Pixie H. 28/8/2011
  •  “The Shewee easily fits into your party purse, ski jacket pocket or backpack. Which means you can take it to Festivals, the mountain, tramping, fishing…basically anywhere. Giving you absolutely no excuse to emerge from the bushes with sprayed-backed shoes! The normal Shewee comes with a re-sealable plastic bag, so you can take it home and wash it under the sink. It’s easy to wash too, with a smooth liquid repellent coating which encourages any liq-uid down the funnel and away from you! The ergonomic design ensures no need for spiky leaves as the device is designed to ‘scoop’ up any excess liquid. Stand up and take control!” J.Woods – 5 August 2011
  •  “The Shewee easily fits into your party purse, ski jacket pocket or back-pack”  @Jennybabebeich – 8 August 2011
  •  “Thanks Shewee for your donation you helped to raise nearly £4,000 for TheCystic Fibrosis Trust the hike up snowdon was well worth the effort.”  Jayne Clarkson – 21 July 2011
  • “I am pretending I have never heard of them but secretly I’m an Olympi-an shewee’r…..nothing is safe within a 40 metre range x” Gabby Logan May 2011
  •  “SheWee is the number one item for my Arctic expedition next year! Too damn cold and nowhere to hide – 2 very good reasons!” May 2011
  •  “Ya need to buy a shewee it’s the future! :-)” May 2011
  •  “That’s why every modern marcher has a hip-flask, a flask of tea, some water and aShewee!” P.M. April 2011
  •  “I’ve been waiting for this all my life. Solution to the OnePiece/jumpsuit loo problem, with thanks to Shewee.com!” S.M March 2011
  •  “Get a shewee – you will never have to touch a public toilet seat again.” J.H March 2011
  •  “I’ve used it! Its brilliant!” L.B. Feb 2011
  •  “I bought a Shewee last year – fulfilled lifelong ambition 2 write my name in the snow…” M.T Jan 2011
  •  “Successful Shewee in the countryside. Result! Ooh, except I’ve forgotten to do trousers up!” Loopylu80 Jan 2011
  •   SR bought a Shewee to use on her wedding day as she told us that she wanted “to be able to go in comfort and in private in the ladies, rather than have to ask someone to hold her dress around her ears every time she needed to go”.  After her big day she then emailed us to say that “The wedding was fantastic, everything I’d dreamed it would be and the Shewee was fantastic just what I needed!”
  •  “It’s very easy to use, I had no problems using it for the first time. It doesn’t fill up, it doesn’t overflow, it works like a charm. I also tried it with my clothes on, I had no problem, no urine on my clothes. I will carry this in my purse from now on.” October 2010
  •  “I bought a Shewee….had an experience tramping once, where snow fell unexpectedly (herumph) and I just kept expiring!! Totally admired how my son didn’t have to get totally undressed to ‘expire’ so when I came across one at the Paekakariki School Fair (!) I thought yup…that’s me! Hmmm…It worked reallllly well…took abit of getting used to but yeah a great wee addon for any girl’s handbag..or backpack.” September 2010
  •  “The Go Girly and SheWee are two different items, the Go girly is soft and can callapse while using it the SheWee is hard and easier to control. I have both I like the SheWee better.” September 2010
  •  “I use it in the woods while traveling and also restrooms so I do not have to squat or touch the comode an get dirty. Great item.” September 2010
  •    “Having been to Glastonbury and spoken to many girls [I am male]. The She-wee wins hands down. To be fair I only met 5 or 6 girls who had used the Going-Girl but they had all subsequently used the She-wee at the festival and had all been con-verted. The flexibility of the Going-Girl seems to be its downfall in that it distorts dur-ing use. I can imagine that, if you think you are trying to push through a clothes gap and between your legs.” August 2010
  •  “I so thought it would take a lot of getting used to, that I put off trying my Shewee for two days after it arrived. Of course I did try it in the end. Success! And then I was so exhilarated, I wanted to do it again straight away and was disappointed I hadn’t any wee left. You just can’t win. 😉 Thanx very much, Sam. This could be life-changing…” Mand, July 2010
  •   Hello, I just wanted to thank you for coming up with this invention for us – women! Frank-ly, there are moments where I feel that the nature was not fair to us. I could easily crash with my car when I “have to stand up and take control”! I am not even going into the stories of traveling around the world on regular bases and working as a performer… this is simply bril-liant, discreet and I feel relief already – just by finding it and buying it!  Annie, Czech Repub-lic July 2010
  •  “Hi all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing product.  I have just come back from Glastonbury Festival 2010, my 4th time at Glastonbury.  Previously I have hovered over nasty dirty seats, clinging for dear life to the nasty doors, but not this year. This year I bought a she wee extreme and it was the best buy of my life. I have spread the word through out Glastonbury and I was one of a few girls who came out of the loos with a smile on my face as I didn’t have to sit or squat or hover!  So thank you again, I have told everyone I know about this product and I LOVE IT!!  Best Regards,Mrs L Egglesden.” June 2010
  •  “Fantastic Invention! As a keen countryside walker, sometimes miles from anywhere, toilets are few and far between, so after seeing your advert in an outdoors magazine decided to or-der one. I am so pleased with the shewee, that I just had to let you know. It is absolutely bril-liant, the feeling of sheer freedom that I get from not having to ‘bear’ all whilst I am out walk-ing is fantastic!! It is now a permanent fixture in my backpack, I wouldn’t be without it! Well done and I wish you every success in the future!” September 2009
  •  “My name is Marianne and I’m embarking on the South-West Coastal Path this summer. I will be away for bout 6 weeks or so I guess. As I was on-line looking for back-packs etc, your Shewee advert popped on the side of the screen. I was intrigued so took a look! I bought one on-line straight away, it was delivered the next day and was used within the hour to try it out first! What a superb invention, so simple to look at and use. It’s surprising that it hasn’t al-ready been invented given the multitude of situations the Shewee can be used in! I salute your drive and ambition to get this out into the world. I am delighted with mine and only wish I had it last summer when I was in France with my family. My daughter (7) and I had to squat in lay-bys as the actual toilets available were filthy and made us feel sick. We would have rather peed ourselves and deal with that embarrassment than sit on (if you’re lucky) or squat down to pee into a blocked hole! From the bottom of my heart, ‘thank you’ for this wonderful product. I will genuinely feel like I can now ‘go’ with the greatest of ease and in any country.10 out of 10. Best wishes for the future, you deserve every sale you get and I have already generated quite a lot of interest my end…. It’s been a real ‘ice-breaker’ I can tell you!!!!!” 22 March 2010 
  • “Just to say thank you. For years, (i’m 52) I have yearned for a way of urinating standing up.  My ideas for solving this problem never got past the inside cardboard tube of a roll of gift wrapping paper! How you came up with this brilliant idea I will never know – but thank you, thank you, thank you.  My annual climbs up Ben Nevis are so much easier now.” March 2010
  •  “The girls say they really appreciated having a Shewee saying it was a huge “life saver” and meant they could continue their walk in comfort without having to worry about finding a toi-let in the “wee small hours”. St Raphaels Hospice London to Brighton overnight walk.” March 2010
  •  “Just a quick note to say thanks for an amazing invention! My friend and I are walking London’s Capital Ring at the moment. Saturday was our first outing with Shewee in hand – it has revolutionised our walks! My friend used hers first and came out from behind her tree punching the air and jumping for joy. We were congratulating ourselves all day long. Who’d of thought a bit of plastic could be so fantastic? Thanks very much!” F Devrell
  •  “I have just purchased a shewee and tried it out. May I say its fantastic. I have been waiting forever for a device like this to be available. I’m a regular walker and festival goer and from now on my experience of THE TIOLET wont be filled with dread! No more trying to stoop over the toilet and not let any of my bum touch it whilst holding my belonging because you cant put those on the floor that’s filthy too.” M Naylor.
  •  “I bought one for my 7 year old daughter, who has a huge metal frame on her leg for several months to correct a short thigh. She is keen to get back to school but they have said that they can’t lift her onto the toilet for health and safety reasons, and suggested using a nappy when she needs the toilet. We were game to try but the Shewee is perfect for her, not too big, as I feared. She loves it and it means lots of people can help her to the toilet now, not just me, be-cause it’s so easy.” Marianne
  •  “When I was a little girl at brownie camp I remember thinking wouldn’t it be good if I could stand up for a wee, I also remember lots of people laughing at me and mocking the idea. I saw your product on TV on BBC1 and thought fantastic, now I have my wish from all those years ago, thank you. from Caroline” January 2010
  •  “Thank you for the speedy delivery, I was very impressed, and even more impressed with the Shewee. It works wonderfully and I’m sure it will come in very handy. I love it!” D.B. 2010
  •  “I think Shewee is fantastic – am taking it camping tomorrow.” R.S. 2010
  •  “Excellent product, extremely useful.” ‘V.F. 2010
  •  “I found it much easier to use than I would have thought with no leaks or anything so am very impressed and would definitely recommend it to friends. I’m off to the Big Chill this year in August so if they are available then I’ll definitely be buying some!” C.H. 2010
  •  “This device is long over due!!!! As a disabled lady (who can’t squat behind a bush!!)” S.D. 2010
  •  “Feels liberating – will be taking it with me in my bag from now on!” C.C. 2010
  •  “I love the idea and think it will come in very handy.” H.C. 2010
  •  “Easy to use, no probs, very useful in countryside.” P.W. 2010
  •  “I think this is so fantastic – I can’t believe I’ve only just heard of it!” E.D. 2010
  •  “Excellent quality, it was a lot smaller and worked much better than I was expecting. I loved it!! I could see using this on mountain or ski trips where it’ll have to go through multiple layers of thick clothing.” P.H. 2010
  •  “Brilliant – did exactly what it said it would!” A.J. 2010
  •  “This far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely brilliant!” C.R. 2010
  •  “After first try out I felt ‘this is for me’. I know I will find the device very useful. Can I buy 5 please?” J.T. 2010
  •  “I thought it was really good. I have taken it into the office and several people have said that they would definitely buy one just to have on standby.” C.T. 2010
  •  “Would definitely use while pregnant for numerous urine samples and any public toilets.” B.B. 2010
  •  “Spoke to other girlfriends, more positive thoughts from those who enjoy outdoor activities. Those unsure thought it would be a good idea for urine samples and in hospitals.” S.P. 2010
  •  “This is fantastic especially when traveling through foreign countries with ‘grim’ toilet s'” T.B. 2010
  •  “Its brilliant and every woman I know wants one!” S.T. 2010
  •  “Loved it! Felt strange at first but it is the way forward.” C.M. 2010
  •  “I used it on Saturday for the London to Brighton Bike Ride – it came in very handy.” K.C. 2010
  •  “Please consider the European market … I think your invention is long overdue.” P.C. 2010
  •  “I’m so glad I used it. I found it strange standing up at first but soon got used to it. I think it’s brilliant !” A.L. 2010
  •  “Fantastic!! For someone like me who gets aching thighs from ‘hovering’ over nasty toilets!! Big thumps up!” S.H. 2010
  •  “It’ s surprisingly easy to use and feels quite liberating when you get the hang of it!” A.P. 2010
  •  “Well done – it really works!!” V.P. 2010
  •  “I used it at Glastonbury with the She pee and it was a life saver!” A.P. 2010
  •  “It’s brill! I can’t wait to take some to V Festival and the other summer festivals this year.” C.T. 2010
  •  “I saw you at Live 8 and then purchased one from the web, I can’t live without it now!” R.C. 2011
  •  “I’m a member of the OTC and wouldn’t go on any trip without my Shewee now.” 2010
  •  “I found I needed to practice. Having said that, anything which saves me from getting too close to those dreadful holes in the ground gets my vote. I would definitely buy one or more.” P.K. 2010
  •  “My walking holidays in France will never be the same again. Wonderful! Thank you!” M.J. 2010
  •  “Shewee, you’ve liberated me – I can drink beer at lunch time on my skiing holiday now as well as my boyfriend!” B.J. 2010
  •  “Great for girls in the Armed Forces.” M.A. 2010
  •  “I went on a riding weekend last week and I met someone who has a Shewee from your website! She was so chuffed with it and thought it was amazing….I’ve just bought one for myself.” R.C. 2010
  •  “WOW!!! Discovered the Shewee a few months back and it took me a while to get used to it. That said, from the very first try I knew I wanted to master it! Have just gone overboard and ordered the extension pipe, spare Shewee, pants, pouches, T shirt – the lot; can’t imagine myself being without it. The most impressive bit of the technology is that you have got the shaping exactly right: the cup part looks so small but it really does fit so snugly there are no leaks. Comfort heaven!” G.G. 2010
  •  “I bought a SheWee days after breaking my leg and some ribs. What a saviour it is! I don’t have to struggle to the loo, in pain, on crutches…I use my SheWee and a handy bottle which is emptied by a (good) friend. Thank you so much.” Di 2010
  •  “I bought my 82 year old mother a Shewee for her trip to Tanzania and she sent me this text. ‘I can’t squat on a squat seat, Can’t get my bottom to the level of my feet, But I can stand with my Shewee grand, And pee like a man. So neat” A happy customer!” Jenny 2010
  •  “I’ve just tried the SheWee for the first time – brilliant! It was a truly liberating experience and I’m looking forward to taking it on walking trips. Last time I ventured into the wilderness I had to wee in some bushes and got nettle stings on my rear end, so being able to do the bloke thing and wee anywhere without risking that sort of thing will be fantastic.” Nicola 2010
  •  “I have been showing my Shewee off to several friends (close enough to be able to do this, you understand). And they are very impressed by it. . Its such a wonderful invention – don’t know why someone hadn’t thought of it before. For me it is very liberating because, being a bit of a Slack Bladder, I’m not keen when long walks are suggested. I have to take diuretics, so I know that I’m going to want to ‘go’ whilst we are out. The Shewee has been great – alt-hough it takes a bit of mind-work to pee standing up, just goes against the female grain. I also think it will be great for long car journeys AND French Toilets (need I say more about those? Except Yuk!). A big thanks for such a wonderful invention! Regards J.H.” 2010
  •  “I just had to write to tell you how I love your product. I am a walker and always have problems, where, when and how. A few years ago I suffered a very severe infection due to the fact I tried not to drink so I wouldn’t have to “go”. I never knew until the bleeding start-ed. I now, not only drink before but I drink during and always carry water with no worry on how to rid myself of it. There is always a place for me to “stand up” and go. Thank you for addressing a very awkward problem.” R. New Jersey, USA 2010
  •  “Fitter Families thinks Shewee is a very clever product that no woman should leave home without”
  •  “Great product, especially for my 7 year old daughter, who has a problem with her bladder and needs frequent stops for a wee whilst travelling in the car. Why isn’t the shewee adver-tised on television? Couldn’t we have female urinals available everywhere, such as shops etc and not just available at festivals?” 2010
  •  “The Sheewee is the best thing ever, absolute genius. I am one against 3 in my family and climbing and skiing always seems to be about finding big enough rocks or being near enough to the restaurants for the loos. NO MORE!! However I bet I get some weird glances when I am standing at the side of the ski slopes doing what the guys do! Should I admit that it gives me a feeling of power:)” R.T. 2010
  •  “You have revolutionised my life. I went travelling to Nepal for a month in November and it is the single item I would say I couldn’t have done without. It’s usage was even more valuable in base camp at 4500m, using it to pee in a bottle instead of having to go out of the tent at night when it was minus 7C in the tent. Thank you.” Kerry A 2010
  •  “I bought this item on the spur of the moment whilst shopping in the Lake District. As we climbed our first hill the next day I packed it into the top of my ruck sack a bit unsure if I’d be able to use it or if it would work. Normally I’m running down the mountain, hiding behind a rock while my husband stands watch for passers by or exposing my rear to the midges but with the Shewee it offered easy to use complete freedom without exposing a jot. So good I’m now buying one for each of my daughters who both hate sitting down in public toilets. Really good to keep in your bag for all occasions anywhere.” 2010
  •  “This is fantastic. I was sceptical, but as a walker, camper and festival goer, I don’t know how I ever lived without one of these. I was sceptical, but it works great, although I highly recommend getting the extension hose. I’m going to buy another one to keep in the car for those journeys where you get stuck in an indefinite traffic jam. You can use it standing or sit-ting without removing your clothes. Honestly, I’ve used it wearing tight skinny jeans. Invalu-able for avoiding those long queues (and horrid portaloos) at festivals.” 2010
  •  “The well travelled friend for whom I bought this had wanted one for years. Prior to her trek in Peru this year, she tried it out (in case she needed training) and has declared it utterly liberating, and that she now knows why men go any and every where they feel like. A must for the off-the-beaten-track traveller” 2010 
  •  “Shewee is a must for female festival goers and long distance walkers worldwide!” Twitter, July13th 2010
  •  “I’ve had my Shewee since last summer and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet! Very liberating and more fun than it should be.” Twitter, June 12th 2010
  •  “I’ve just bought a Shewee. Possibly the best thing I have ever purchased!” Twitter, July 23rd 2010 
  •  “I got my Shewee as few weeks ago after being stuck for 4 hours in T in the Park traffic (incidently, not on my way to the festival myself – and pregnant!!!) There were tons of men getting out to pee at the side of the motorway but I just wasn’t ready to squat in front of thousands of onlookers so I did my best to hold it in – all the time wishing I had gotten around to ordering one of those ‘Shewee’ things everyone is talking about. I ordered one as soon as I got home that night. I’ve been practising at home with it so that I get the hang of it in the event of a real emergency. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you’ve got the technique down its brilliant! It is real-ly strange telling yourself that it’s ok to let the pee out when you’re standing up but it comes more naturally with practice. I totally recommend the Shewee – revolutionary product!!!” 2010
  •  “I think the Shewee is truly something. I didn’t bother to practice, just got on with it as I was on a dog walk and literally bursting. But no leaking or drips I am glad to say. Yes you do need to engage your brain to encourage you to pee standing up. I think girls subconciously use their pelvic muscles when they squat to pee and this is what makes doing it standing a challenge. I found it took me longer to empty and then not completely. But it is not being marketed to use all the time, simply when you have the inconvenience of no convenience so to speak.” L.N. 2010
  •  “I’m from India! Recently I ordered for Shewee, I’m a wheelchair user…going to loo each time was difficult task. Now, Shewee has been great help. All I do is push myself in front of the wheelchair and place shewee at right position ….its alll done within seconds …no spills, leaks!” 2010
  •  “I recommend all girls in wheelchairs should try this amazing product! its makes life sim-pler!!”
  •  “Recently had a short trip to Beijing. The toilets at the section of the Great Wall we visited were, well, hard to describe. Yuck! Luckily I had a Shewee with me. My husband was able to do a reccy for me and make sure there was no one in the gents’, then I nipped in and used the urinals. These things are magic!” T.W. 2010
  •  “This is fantastic!!! My knees were starting to restrict me getting up from the necessary posi-tion, but now I go on walks with no problem. No leaks or wetness if you use it properly. Eve-ry outdoor type should have one in their pocket, as well as one in the car for emergencies!!! I am going to buy them as pressies for my friends!!” S.A. 2010
  •  “My daughter got given one at Glastonbury a couple of years ago and after practising at home says it’s the best bit of outdoors kit she has!” 2010
  •  “I’ve had my Shewee over a year and i think it is the best invention for woman ever….It’s easy to use  although i would recomend that you practice in the shower first, but once mas-tered, You will never want to leave home without one! No more stung bum, insects trying to creep up…YUK!  No ,more trying to find a suitable place where i can’t be seen, just find a tree whip it out and away you go…lol.” 2010
  •  “I am an adventureous female that is also in the Army. I get stuck in a lot of situations where it is inconvenient to use a toilet or squat. This thing has helped out SOOO much. The “extension” was a little odd when I saw it but it works just fine. Totally recomended for Ar-my girls and any girl that has an out door lifestyle!!” D.M. 2010
  •  “Very handy in a M4 tailback with an empty bottle!” 2010
  •  “It’s GREAT. Totally liberating. At last women have freedom to just stand without all the fuss & nettles stinging your bum. Great for coastal & woodland walks when you are carrying all your gear (backpacks etc). You don’t need to take anything off!” 2010
  •  “Fantastic! Was expecting it to go everywhere but it only went where I wanted it to go! Thanks!” 2010
  •  “Absolutely fantastice! Very easy. No more problems peeing in the wild, thanks!!” 2010
  •  “It was really good, but takes a little while to get used to!” 2010
  •  “It’s the most wonderful discovery since the moon-cup!!! Carry on, it’s brilliant!” 2010
  •  “Interesting! And will be very useful when I’m out hiking!” 2010
  •  “Yayyyy!!! It is fantastic! Kind of gives you a whole new attitude. You can sort of see why men have ruled the world for so long.” 2010
  •  “Such a simple device, yet so liberating for women in so many aspects of their lives! Well done! From myself and my mother who is disabled, this device will assist her in giving her the independence she values so much.” T.I. 2010
  •  “It’s pretty useful when on a boat, fishing for 9 hours, with a bunch of blokes, too scared to have a beer coz it’ll make you want to pee (a lot) and all there is to use is a damn bucket!!” 2010
  •  “Great idea for when I’m out skiing. It means not having to hold it till you got back to a base area & you don’t need to expose your skin to the frigid air.” 2010
  •  “I bought my wife a Shewee for Christmas last year and she uses it a lot. We do some travelling around and she uses it on the roadside or in the bush (like men pee!) and she loves it! It took her some getting used to and her girlfriends all had to try it as well with much hilarity. But now she uses it whenever she wants, and espe-cially useful at “those” public toilets – you know, the ones you wouldn’t dare sit on the seat!!” 2010
  •  “My 30+ year old daughter has a Shewee and used it travelling overseas. She takes it with her when she goes tramping at home in NZ. She has given a few to friends as well.”
  •  “My daughter has one and loves it – she is very sporty and she doesn’t need to drop her tweeds any further than a man would. Shewee is a great idea for ladies stuch on a boat and you’ve got the whole ocean to rinse it in!” 2010
  •  “Ahhh Shewee my old friend… They are pretty much compulsory in Antarctica where there was zero chance of my stripping off to do my numbers ones. Honest ladies, try it once and you won’t turn back. As some of you have said, they are great at festivals, on the side of the road and on the boat… Don’t knock it till you try it.” 2010
  •  “Shewee has been incredible for those moments where I’ve come across a toilet I just don’t want to park my arse on. Like nightclubs & bars, most public toilets, and in situations where there just are no toilets. I’m nervous enough with public toileting as it is, getting rid of the sit-down factor has helped immensely.” 2010
  •  “I have the she wee and it is fantastic, it is hard for a reason, it does not callapse like the whizze does, I have both, do not like the flimsy one.” 2010
  •  “This should be real helpful in winter hiking. It’s awful to take off the heavy trouser in old weather ; )” 2010
  •  “This is great! Nice one Shewee! I have had one of these for years and it has revolutionized the festival going experience for me!!” 2010
  •  “The only good idea that women could borrow from men.” 2010
  •  “I am ready to use confidently and feel liberated from the toilet queueing of the past! I can now pee standing up and I don’t have to nip behind any dodgy looking hill or vegetation to spend a penny.”
  •  “I do not know how I lived before I was given my Shewee as a gift. Now I can pee easily with no squatting when I go out hiking and biking with the girls. I’ll admit it took some get-ting used to but stick with it ladies.” 2010
  •  “This is a thing that I must have. And I’m going to tell all the women I know that are also hunters. Perfect for us!” 2010
  •  “Mines never out of my hiking trousers, they even get washed together unless, it’s in my suitcase for hols in far flung places where the bogs are just holes in the floor. No woman should be without one.” 2010
  •  “Best thing since the flushing toilet!” 2010

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