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Peebol (Pocket Toilet)

Peebol is the pocket sized toilet that allows men, women and children to go for a pee anytime and anywhere! 6 Peebols per pack.

Each Peebol can convert up to 1-Litre of Urine into a solid, odourless gel in under a minute! Perfect to take on camping/festival trips, to keep in your car/bag for emergencies, and to avoid using filthy toilets. Use with or without the use of a Shewee.

Safely Dispose of the contents by either composting, flushing down a toilet, or in general household waste. The bag, cardboard topper, and packaging are recyclable under category LDPE 4.


The Peebol from Shewee is the ultimate solution to needing the loo whilst out and about. Features: – Rapidly Turns urine into a solid gel almost instantaneously – Non-Odour & None-Spill No nasty smells or leaks to worry about – Unisex Can be used by Men, Women and Children – Large Capacity Will hold up to 1 litre – Re-Use Until full – Compact Fits into your purse or wallet – Recyclable The bag, contents, and packaging are all recyclable Use your Peebol for: Camping, Long car journeys, traffic jams, Travelling, Festivals, Cycling, Climbing, Skiing, Dirty toilets, Post surgery, Sports injuries, Pregnancy, Armed forces, Sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing, Mobility impaired, Policewomen, Contractors, As a sick bag … the list is endless! The Peebol comes in packs of 3, 6, or 8… Make toilet dilemmas a thing of the past with Shewee!
This is a fantastic product! I bought one a few weeks ago and LOVE it. So easy to use – I use it every time I go to a public toilet now – never have to touch a filthy seat again.
I got given one recently and use it on road trips, at keg parties, music festivals…. anywhere really, especially if i can impress blokes- hahaha!! only needed one practice in the shower and i was good to go! love love love it!! my friends will love it too! they are city slickers and will freak, but i know they’ll love it!! CT (Northern Territory)
Northern Territory
I used my Shewee away camping in November for when out fishing for the day, away from all amenities. Because of joint problems I can no longer squat, so having the confidence of the Shewee was pure bliss. After a couple of trial runs at home, found it extremely easy to use and would recommend it to any one.
I have been using my she wee for a couple of years and wouldn’t be without it.
Wow, am now liberated and it has a prime spot in my glove box. As my job takes me out on the road a lot and with taking daughter to Pony Club and riding, I will no longer have to endure dirty loos or even worse the “long drop” at various riding events!! Yay for you and your great demo.
NOW Liberated Woman!!!
My husband returned from the boat show today with a present to pass on to me, Thanks so much for the container to store my Shewee! Brilliant idea and what a lovely surprise. I have had my Shewee since last year and LOVE it. It gets packed when we go camping and I’d never go back! It doesn’t often come up in everyday conversation, but sometimes I overhear people talking about this ‘weird thing for girls to wee in’ and I can’t help but smile and have to say, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it ….
We had a power cut a few weeks ago, and shewee was perfect!
Jenny Mayweather
My girlfriend never used to come on the boat with me until she got her shewee – now she doesn’t have to sit cross legged for hours!
Dave McKinnon
My Shewee saved my life
I recently traveled to Vietnam and I bought a Shewee in lieu of expecting some pretty wild bathrooms situations. My spidey senses were on point and my predictions were a dreadful reality in many cases and I would have been utterly lost without my Shewee. It is the best investment I ever made and I am not ashamed to tell everyone that it saved my life. With my trusted Shewee discreetly in hand (in a pretty pink case) I smuggly watched other ladies nervously trying to navigate their way around some pretty hideous toilets and holes in the floor – not I! I sailed through unscathed and when murmurings from ladies about how terrible their toilet was and how they hurt their knees bending down – I whipped out my Shewee Case and I’d purr the 3 magical words: “Female Urination Device” and Boom! If I’d had a Mic I’d have dropped it! My bomb of awesomeness was usually followed by many ‘ohhh’s’ and ‘ahhhh’s’, so I hope I found some converters! Thank you again Shewee for saving my life! xo
I`m more than happy to sing shewee’s praises!Came in very handy just a couple of days ago on the Stuart Highway coming back from Darwin- 110km from next toilet stop, no shrubs to squat behind at the moment in the dry season, in broad daylight so i just shewee’d on a tree like my boyfriend! Ha!! Soooo good!! Jenny
Jenny S

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PeeWee Pack

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